The grower My name is Frans Geraets and I live in Tegelen , a part of Venlo . As gardeners son , I grew up cultivating plants . I grow walnut trees . Particular varieties with very large nuts . The idea to start this, was because a walnut tree in our garden is sown , which bears abnormally large nuts . They are giant -sized . Hence the name of the site. The nuts The Nuts taste sweet. The kernel does not shrink when dried. When quickly dried and kept cool, nuts are good at least a year. There are growing smaller nuts of 5 cm long by 2 cm wide and bigger till 8 x 5 cm. Because of its relative length I found the nickname of my father’s funny. This Walnut is called : Juglans regia “Lange van Lod ” . Types Because I do not want to believe that this is the only tree with such giant nuts and I want to improve by crossing this nut , I am looking for other large -bearing walnut trees . Some I have already found . 6 cm is my limit, but then they should have a shell full or have something else special. That limit , I have set myself because 5 cm is too prevalent . Website The website I made because more people wanted to know about what I ‘m doing. Then I was typing long emails and that’s one of my lesser talents . I will update regularly. Visit the site now and then to see what has changed. I want to make the site in joomla , but in order to do all the things, I need to try harder. Just old-fashioned html cut and paste is more my thing .  The site is now in  wordpress Giganoten Common names such as walnut were forgiven . Giganoten I thought was easy to remember.  Enjoy reading and viewing pleasure on this website .

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  1. Laurens en Mieke says:

    Waar het boekenweekgeschenk al niet toe kan leiden: een ontmoeting met een allervriendelijkste conducteur uit Tegelen met een wel heel bijzondere hobby; zo kregen we een hartstochtelijke lezing over het kweken van walnotenbomen. Interessant, en we hebben ons geamuseerd! Gewoon leuk!
    Groeten uit Gouda!

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